Consent and Privacy Collection Notice

Consent to emails

The Green Room is an online community designed to ensure viewers are involved in the future of TVNZ. The survey elements of the community are managed on TVNZ’s behalf by Yabble. Once you register for participation, you’ll be taken to a short profiling survey so we can get to know you.

By registering your interest to join The Green Room, you are consenting to receiving regular emails about what’s happening in the community. These emails will invite you to participate in online surveys and in some instances may send you directly to surveys. You will also receive quarterly updates.

Opting Out

You can leave The Green Room at any time by sending an email to and inserting the words “Request Removal” in the subject line, or by following the link to unsubscribe that will be present in every email sent to you as a member of The Green Room community. If you unsubscribe, we take reasonable steps to de-identify personal information you have previously provided to us.


  1. Contact details: We only use your contact details for the purposes of The Green Room. We don’t use your contact details to send you marketing or other survey material.
  2. Survey responses: We use your survey responses for market research purposes only. We don’t use personal information provided in survey responses for marketing purposes or other commercial purposes.

We combine the information provided in survey responses to produce “aggregated survey results”, and these results do not identify any individual, but will be used in market.


Unless TVNZ/Yabble is required by law to act otherwise (e.g. under a court order), we will only disclose the personal information of panel members as follows:

  1. Contact details: If you enter a competition and win a prize, by entering the competition you have given your consent to publish your first name and region in our regular updates. Otherwise, we will not disclose the identity of panel members.
  2. Aggregated survey results: Aggregated survey results are used by TVNZ for its own research purposes. TVNZ may share aggregated survey results with its related companies, suppliers and customers, but these results do not identify individuals.


You have rights to seek access to personal information that we hold about you (although note that this will be limited to information that you provide us).

Changes to The Green Room community

Consent and Privacy Collection Notice: TVNZ/Yabble may, from time to time, review and update this Consent and Privacy statement to take account of new laws and technology and changes to TVNZ’s operations. All personal information will be governed by the most recent TVNZ’s Consent and Privacy statement.

TVNZ Privacy Policy

Please note that the TVNZ Privacy Policy below should not be read as expanding any of the uses or disclosures described above. The TVNZ Privacy Policy explains how TVNZ handles personal information in a broader range of circumstances than those that are relevant to the TVNZ Community panel. TVNZ/Yabble confirms that it collects, uses, discloses and handles personal information provided by TVNZ Community panel members for market research purposes only.  TVNZ collects and treats all personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.  More details about when we collect personal information, what we collect, and what we do with it, can be found in our Privacy Policy.